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The SmartReloader SR2500 Powder Scale 110V/220V for Bullet Reloading VBSR004-1 has been built to assure that you have the means to save a ton of money by reloading your used casings . This Reloading Tool from the product specialists at SmartReloader, is the most accurate and precise scale in the reloading industry! It measures incredibly accurately your loads with a resolution up to .07 grams while standard powder scales have a much lower resolution. The SmartReloader SR2500 SCale for Powder features 4 adjustable feet and a built-in bubble level for a better positioning on your reloading bench For a geat way to ensure that your bullets can be made new again, choose the SmartReloader SR2500 Powder Scale 110V/220V VBSR004-1.

Specifications for SmartReloader SR2500 Powder Scale:
Maximum capacity: 162grams/2.500grains
Resolution: 2,500 grains/0.07 grains (162g/0.005g.)
Unit measures available: grams (g), grains (gn) , pounds (lb), ounce (oz) and Troy ounce (ozt).


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