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The Hyper Pod is an intuitive design which was developed to enhance the capabilities of the well-known Bi-Pod. The Hyper Pod, simply and silently hyper extends the bi pod from the riflegiving it an easy automatic raising and lowering capability, and solves any limitations the bi pod is presented with when in tough and rugged terrain. While in a hunting situation,particularly in mountainous regions, a bi pod can be rendered useless while attempting totake a difficult shot in a difficult position. In some situations a shooter is forced to take a long distance shot free handed, which is in most cases near impossible to make a cleankill during the attempt. Also, due to an easy elevation system, the shooter does not need to take his/her eyes of the target while adjusting the height.

Uses of the Hyper Pod:

Tactical operations
Sighting in firearms
Vehicle shooting

Advantages of the Hyper Pod

Enhanced shooting positions. Some positions a shooter will encounter where a standard bi pod cannot be used are:
a) On a steep slope where a shot needs to be taken across the valley. The ground falls away and thus gives a shooter nothing to rest on
b) On a flat surface where a shot needs to be taken at an elevated target in the slopes
c) On a fallen tree, used as a bench, the shot may need to be taken at a decline or incline
d) In grassy fields, the elevation is required to clear the grass to get a clear line of site, the Hyper Pod is rested off the knee
e) Compatible with lights, other Bi Pods, and other weaver mounted devices. The Hyper Pod offers a unique mounting weaver rail that is solid and reliable which can be used for other devices
Consistent Accuracy. The position in which the rifle is supported encourages consistency due to the floating nature of how the rifle is rested. Natural recoil is allowed to occur normally without experiencing muzzle blast deviation
Silent adjustability will not give away your position while setting up your shot
Enhanced Portability, the Hyper-Pod allows a gun sling to be used as normal, it does not get in the way, it is light, and it tucks in under the arm quite conveniently when not in use. The clever quick release and weaver design makes it easy to apply and remove when required
Fast and smooth elevation adjustments are done without losing sight of the acquired target
The structure being made predominantly of alloy is not only lightweight but also corrosion proof

Hyper Pod comes with:

Weaver rail mount
Two types of gun sling anchor screws
Quick release Hyper Pod arm
Quick release tactical style Bi – Pod with rubber feet

Technical Features:Note: Eagleye has supplied two common screws for the weaver rail, which match a wide range of rifles. There are hundreds of types of screws and sizes, we cannot supply one for all. If one of the screws do not match the rifle please try to source a matching screw that suits your rifle, or contact us or your local gun shop to see if we can help.

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