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The Caldwell® Handy Rest NXT® is an extremely versatile front rest. It is designed with a full six feet of elevation adjustment at 100 yards, a front sling stud clearance groove, and is constructed of durable, lightweight materials. The innovative design includes a removable handgun support attachment that easily converts this rifle rest into a handgun rest. The front rest and handgun support feature a material that will not harm firearms yet also offers a steady shooting surface


  • 3 inches of elevation adjustment at the cradle which equates to 6 ft at 100 yards
  • Front sling stud clearance groove
  • Constructed of durable lightweight polymer with rubber overmolding
  • Removable handgun support allows you to use the Handy Rest NXT® with a pistol and revolver, in addition to a rifle
  • Lock knob to lock your adjusments into place for repeatable accuracy.


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